Icy Gems

Welcome to Icy Gems, a 5 reel game with 20 lines that feature Re-spins, Symbol Storage and Superspins. The game has a clean layout and big, easy to read, symbols.  Every  winning  symbol  is  stored  in  the  Symbol  Storage and a Re-spin is awarded.  When  three  symbols  are  stored,  the  player  is  awarded Superspin.  The Superspin has three different levels and only contains the stored symbols. Three different symbols award the Silver level, two different symbols award the Gold level and if all of the stored symbols are the same, the player wins the Win Big level where great payouts are guaranteed!


Symbol storage

Every winning symbol type on a win line is stored in the Symbol Storage and a Re-spin is awarded. When three symbols are stored during a game round the player is awarded a Superspin.



The superspin has three different levels depending on the number of different symbols that was stored in the Symbol Storage during base game. 3 different symbol types award the ”Showtime” Superspin, 2 different symbol types award the ”Big Stage” Superspin and 1 type of symbol award the ”Solo Performance” Superspin. A Superspin will only contain the stored symbols. All other symbols are not in play during the Superspin. This greatly enhances the chance of winning and also winning big. In the ”Solo Performance” Superspin, there is only one type of symbol represented on the reels, thus giving a full screen of the same symbol.

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